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About MELØ

We are a business law firm with offices in Trondheim and Oslo. As a legal advisor, problem-solver and support-provider, we assist our clients in achieving their business objectives.


 Assist several of the largest companies in Norway

We assist several of the largest companies in Norway, both listed and non-listed. Clients have said that our fast response time and ability to turn on our heel, are some of the qualities that stand out.

 International approach

We also assist numerous companies and private clients, who have operations abroad. Through our unique global network we are able to work together with other lawyers and advisers in questions regarding domestic tax rules etc. in other countries.

 Legal expertise

We focus the attention of our expertise on a few, selected areas. This allows us to solve problems quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of quality.

 Dedicated to the profession

Several of our lawyers hold lectures in business law at university and college level, and are also frequently used as lecturers on private courses and in seminar contexts. 

 Business understanding

We seek beyond the obvious and assess legal issues in their commercial context. Every case should be resolved based on the outcome that is desired to be achieved. We draw on each other's expertise and experience, working in close collaboration with our clients to find sustainable, long-term solutions.

The Norwegian Bar Association

All our lawyers are members of the The Norwegian Bar Association, which is the lawyers' professional and interest body in Norway. This entails mandatory continuous education, in addition to written assignment confirmation regarding new assignments.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy, which is prepared on the basis of the Norwegian Bar Association's standard and in accordance with GDPR, is available here.

Code of conduct

As lawyers, we are governed by Code of conduct, which aims to ensure that legal practice is conducted in accordance with ethical principles.

Legal Aid Coverage

We assist you in scrutinising insurance policies to determine whether you are entitled to legal aid coverage or free legal assistance whenever applicable.

Calculation of fees

Information is provided on how we calculate our fees. Our fees are always reasonable relative to the assignment and work undertaken.

Duty of confidentiality

As lawyers, we are subject to statutory and penal sanctioned confidentiality. In addition, according to the Code of conduct section 2.3, we have a duty of confidentiality. Information that we become aware of through our work as lawyers must therefore be treated confidentially even when the information is not covered by the statutory duty of confidentiality. Duty of confidentiality is not limited by time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone can do something. It is our aim to make that little difference. As such, we have chosen to support two organisations which do a lot of good, Plan and Amnesty International.


Plan International is a global development and humanitarian organisation, working to provide children with a brighter future and striving for a just world. Plan operates in more than 50 developing countries promoting children’s rights through development and humanitarian projects in issues like health-care, education and protection from violence.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. They campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by everybody.

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