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We follow every possible lead to achieve the best possible result, aspiring to make a difference. We realize that we rely on your trust in us to do our job. Thus, we constantly do our utmost to prove you can depend on us.

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The Norwegian Bar Association

All our lawyers are members of the The Norwegian Bar Association, which is the lawyers' professional and interest body in Norway. This entails mandatory continuous education, in addition to written assignment confirmation regarding new assignments.

Anti-money laundering

Pursuant to the Money Laundering Act and Money Laundering Regulations, we have implemented internal money laundering procedures to help prevent and combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Continuous education

As members of The Norwegian Bar Association our lawyers are obliged to complete at least 80 hours of further education every fifth year.

Register of Business Enterprises

The firm is listed in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises.

Head office

Our headquarters are located in Trondheim, at Pirsenteret in Havnegata 9.

Conflict of interests

We do not take cases where the assignment may result in a breach of loyalty and confidentiality with our clients, or a breach of our duty of independence. In the same case, we would not advise, represent or act on behalf of two or more clients if there are, or may become apparent conflicting interests between them in the case, or there is a clear risk of this occurring.


We are committed to having an orderly and professional relationship with our competitors in the market. We refer for instance inquiries to other law-firms when the request concerns areas of law outside of our field of proficiency. In areas where we possess the expertise, we assist other law firms nationwide.

Customer relations

We aim to act professionally and with integrity in everything we undertake. We listen, we follow up and we keep our promises. In our firm everyone is met with the same respect.

Customer policy

We seek out the heart of the matter.

No unpleasant surprises.


Not only during business hours.

Equality and discrimination

We are committed to promoting equality and preventing discrimination on the grounds of gender, pregnancy, maternity or adoption leave, healthcare, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age and other essential factors determining a person.

VAT Register

Our business is registered in the Norwegian VAT Register.


We strive to run our law firm as sustainably as possible.

Assignment confirmation

As members of The Norwegian Bar Association we are obliged to send written confirmation of the assignment to the client prior to the commencement of any work.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy, which is prepared on the basis of the Norwegian Bar Association's standard and in accordance with GDPR, is available here.

Code of conduct

As lawyers, we are governed by Code of conduct, which aims to ensure that legal practice is conducted in accordance with ethical principles.


Our accounts are managed by Midtbyen Regnskap AS in Trondheim.

Legal Aid Coverage

We assist you in scrutinising insurance policies to determine whether you are entitled to legal aid coverage or free legal assistance whenever applicable.


As a law firm, we are subject to statutory auditing, regardless of our revenues. Our accounts are audited by BDO AS.

Calculation of fees

Information is provided on how we calculate our fees. Our fees are always reasonable relative to the assignment and work undertaken.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone can do something. It is our aim to make that little difference. As such, we have chosen to support two organisations which do a lot of good, Plan International and Amnesty.

Plan International
Plan International is a global development and humanitarian organisation, working to provide children with a brighter future and striving for a just world.

Plan operates in more than 50 developing countries promoting children’s rights through development and humanitarian projects in issues like health-care, education and protection from violence.

Read more and give your support at plan-norge.no.

Amnesty International
We support Amnesty International and the work they do for Frontline Lawyers. For us, it is meaningful to have the opportunity to show our solidarity with lawyers worldwide.

An important part of Amnesty's work is assisting individuals defending human rights around the entire world. Many of these are lawyers who run the risk of serious reprisals, some even their own lives doing work that is absolutely fundamental to the rule of law.

Amnesty does not receive public funding. Thus, it is their financial contributors and activists around the world that enable them to maintain an independent voice forcing authorities to take responsibility.

Read more and give your support at amnesty.no.

Collateral and professional liability insurance

All of our lawyers have pledged statutory legal security enabling them to practice law. In addition, all our lawyers have taken out professional liability insurance through The Norwegian Bar Association.

Duty of confidentiality

As lawyers, we are subject to statutory and penal sanctioned confidentiality. In addition, according to the Code of conduct section 2.3, we have a duty of confidentiality. Information that we become aware of through our work as lawyers must therefore be treated confidentially even when the information is not covered by the statutory duty of confidentiality. Duty of confidentiality is not limited by time.

Supervisory Council for Legal Practice

All of our attorneys are licensed to practice law by the Supervisory Council for Legal Practice.


Keep what we promise.

Quality at all levels.
Integrity in everything we undertake.
Respect for everyone.

Client first.

Loyalty to clients and each other.

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