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Melø forms tax alliance with RFF Lawyers in Portugal

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We are proud to present RFF Lawyers as our new alliance partner concerning tax and business law in Portugal.

RFF Lawyers is a tax law “boutique” firm, specialising in tax and business law, covering corporate and institutional entities in addition to individual clients. The firm is led by founding partner and former Secretary of State Tax Affairs, Mr. Rogério M. Fernandes Ferreira.

RFF Lawyers seeks to foster lasting relations – of trust and sharing – and to provide tailored legal solutions for the specific needs of each client, be they private individuals or corporates. The firm seeks to anticipate situations, foresee problems, by providing dedicated and competent advice and assistance. RFF Lawyers is therefore committed to the quality and efficiency of its rendered services, acting with diligence, dedication, enthusiasm, and competence, in strict compliance with the highest ethical values and standards.

We are extremely pleased to have RFF Lawyers accompanying us, and we look forward to working with their team of highly skilled tax experts in relation to cross boarder tax issues between Norway and Portugal.

RFF Lawyers

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