We provide tax advisory services and individual tax planning at an international level

Domestic tax rules and tax treaties

We provide expertise in the fields of both domestic and international taxation. This includes Norwegian domestic tax rules regarding individual taxpayers and businesses, as well as international tax rules concerning the avoidance of double taxation, which are mainly based on tax treaties.

Tax planning in connection with moving to or from Norway

What is more, we provide tax-advisory services in connection with moving to or from Norway, outlining to our clients the relevant tax implications in advance.

Tax emigration

We assess issues like tax residency, tax emigration, exit tax and social security / national insurance membership.

International assignments

An essential part of this is assisting multi-national employers and their employees in connection with international assignments.

Tax amnesty applications

We assist in preparing tax amnesty applications and amendments.


We handle surtax cases.

Property tax

We handle property tax cases.