We provide services within Labour Law and in every aspect of employment-relationships

Draft an adequate employment contract

Our lawyers provide assistance in every aspect of employment relationship. We prepare employment contracts prior to signing, and deal with issues that occur during employment, i.e. privacy policies, whistleblowing, anti-corruption, incentives, lay-offs or supervisory measures.


In addition, we are used to participating in employment termination. In our experience employers often seek guidance at a late stage in the process. There is a lot to be gained by complying fully with the statutory requirements and procedural rules and by preparing contingency plans for relevant sanctions in advance. Usually this is much easier than salvaging a process that has deviated from the initial plan.

Severance agreement

Dialogue helps considerably, and often an excellent alternative for both parties is to negotiate a severance agreement with the employee.

Mediation and legal proceedings

In situations that seem to be locked, we can assist with mediation – and should that not be successful, we have a proven track-record in legal proceedings, cf. > References.